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The Secret Lover… (L’Inconnu)

It was truly a great experience! I know, you will say: “Martin, we can’t recognize you with the blurred face and the changed voice…”  Yeah, I know! The part I played was to be a double for the actual actor (Claude Legault) which my character represents and whom we will only truly see at the end of the series…

But still, thanks to the fact that Claude had schedule conflicts which prevented him from being on this set while working on other projects, it got me to land a fun audition, be considered as a principal in two episodes of this TV series and it brought me hours of fun on set with amazing actors and an amazing crew, make up artists, etc… I am filled with gratitude to have been able to participate in this project.

Macha Limonchik - Martin Blais

This series tells the story of three actors, friends in life, but who especially lived fifteen years of comic tribulations, absurd misadventures and juicy anecdotes. … Most of the characters are the actors themselves. The action often takes place in Montreal’s Gay Village.

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Feel free to browse at will through the projects I had the chance to be involved with. This section is constantly evolving and many articles are still a work in progress so be indulgent if the content is not yet generously garnished… I will get there eventually.

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Send me a script, a line, guidelines for an improvisation with some information about the character you’re looking for and I will prepare a self-tape for you in the shortest possible delay. I also have the capability to produce quality audio recordings as I have a small recording booth at home and am therefore able to perform some work for you remotely if you have voiceover requirements.


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I began acting at the age of 25. I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist and love to express art in an array of manners. I am passionate about acting and love to delve into a character.

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