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Martin Blais - Credit photo: Laeticia Moreno
My Resume
  • 2008, Ateliers Danielle Fichaud | Diction avec René Gagnon
  • 2008, Ateliers Danielle Fichaud | Improvisation
  • 2007, Ateliers Patrick Huneault | Préparation aux auditions de publicités 2
  • 2007, Ateliers Patrick Huneault | Préparation aux auditions de téléromans 2
  • 2007, Atelier Jean-Pierre Bergeron | Jeu pour la caméra
  • 2007, Atelier Louise B. Boisvert | Formation de l’acteur
  • 2007, UDA – Formation continue | Entraînement aux scènes de combat
  • 2006, 2007, École de chant Aris | Chant (perfectionnement)
  • 2006, Ateliers Patrick Huneault | Préparation aux auditions de publicités 1
  • 2006, Ateliers Patrick Huneault | Préparation aux auditions de téléromans 1
  • 2006, École de théâtre Figures de Style | Jeu réaliste et psychologie du personnage
  • 2006, L’Atelier de théâtre – Claude Paiement | Théâtre


  • Tout sur moi L’inconnu, 1er rôle, Cirrus, 2006
  • L’Auberge du chien noir, Journaliste, 2e rôle, Radio-Canada, 2007
  • La Galère, Le chauffeur de Rolls Royce, 3e rôle, Cirrus
  • Les missions de Patrice, Comédien nu (Blague mise en scène pour Louis Morissette), 3e rôle, Radio-Canada, 2006


  • La nouvelle vie d’Aurélie St-Martin, Joël, 1er rôle, Production SB, Sylvain Boutin, 2006
  • 300 (Frank Miller’s 300), Guerrier spartiate, 3e rôle, Warner Bros, Zack Snyder, 2005

Short films (Courts-métrages)

  • L’Éblouissement, Le barman, 3e rôle, Olivier Gilbert, Olivier Gilbert, 2007
  • Behind the scene (kino 2007), The director, 1er rôle, Philip Piskorzynski, 2007
  • Souvenirs d’été (kino 2007), Martin, 1er rôle, Martine Asselin, 2007
  • Demon.qc.ca, Samuel Beaulieu, 1er rôle, Production Sang But, Raphael Nunes, 2006

Voice (Voix hors-champ)

  • Chiaroscuro (cartoon), Morgan and Liberace (2 characters), Principal, Nick Burton, 2021
  • Poussière d’étoiles (cartoon), Rastoche, Principal, Wade Konowalchuk, 2007


  • Rendez-Vous Suspects Geoffrey, 1er rôle, Louvik, Steve Turmel, 2006, Plusieurs représentations (Gatineau, Marieville, St-Paulin)


  • Let’s talk Science: La chaîne d’approvisionnement chez Boeing, Martin Blais, 1er rôle, Let’s talk Science, 2021


  • Ne gâche pas le refrain, Ami de Keven, 2e rôle, Cart1er Communication, Guillaume de Fontenay, 2007


  • Kapout.tv, Michael, 1er rôle, Louvik, Steve Turmel, 2007, 2008


  • L’Île des défis extrêmes (Total Drama Island), Signer, Doublage chanté, SPR Production, Joël Legendre, 2007


  • Les matins musicaux (Radio centre-ville 102,3 FM), Co-animateur, Alain Marier, 2006

Corporate Video (Vidéo Corporative)

  • Banque Nationale, promo interne, Représentant service clientèle, 2e rôle, Vincelli communications, 2007

Animation d’événement

  • Gala d’excellence Rona, Animateur de la soirée, 2007

About Me

We can live in a world that we design…

Martin Blais is my name. I am a multidisciplinary artist passionate about acting and about human interactions. At a very young age I was fascinated to discover that communication is predominantly nonverbal and that gesturing, body-language, tone of voice and intention accounts for a much larger percentage of a conversation than mere words.

I started participating in theater projects when I was in my twenties and also took many acting workshops with great teachers and mentors. I was fortunate enough to land a Principal part in a Quebec TV series appearing in two episodes of the first season. I also played principal and supporting roles for many other projects, films, corporate videos, kino and student films and I also appeared in a few ads and did some voiceover work. (You can view information on many of the projects I was involved in by visiting my Projects page.)

Fluent in French and English and currently learning Russian. I also have affinities with Polish, Spanish and German and, having invested many years learning these in the past, with some preparation, I can rehearse and play parts in these languages.

If you want to get in touch with me to see if I could be a good fit for your film or web project, or anything that requires acting, please visit my Let’s talk page.

Why Work With Me

When you decide to allow someone to play a part in your project, you need someone reliable who will care for it as much as you do.

As homework assignment in an entrepreneurship class I took, I had to ask 10 people who’ve known me for a minimum of 3 years if they could identify 5 strengths which they recognize in me. I thought it would be pertinent to use some excerpts of the results here…





Martin has this particular sense of seeing situations in unique ways and often leads back to humor. Very practical during darker or dull moments in life. He is able to see life differently. Adoring puns and double meanings, Martin knows how to make people laugh and take things with less “gravity”.

Martin loves a job well done and won’t stop until it’s to his liking! He is very professional in life and for him it is important to finish something when you start, even if it means starting over and over again to reach the desired result.

Martin is loyal. If he gives his word, he will keep it. It is a matter of respect for human beings.

Martin is always looking for solutions. There is no problem and he will, with a good attitude, know how to turn on a dime. Martin sees the options available when an obstacle comes up and he’s not afraid to go for it.

Martin is curious about life. Constantly looking for opportunities to learn. Arts, languages, health, work… If there is something he does not understand he will look for someone who has experience, read books, take courses, experiment… In short, he will find the information he needs.

Why I…

My Quest for a Balanced Life…

“The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind.”

Stella Adler

“Stop explaining yourself. Shut up and act!”

Craig MacDonald

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.”

Rosalind Russell

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.”

Bette Davis

UDA profile:
Martin Blais, membre de l'Union des Artistes



Tout sur Moi

The Secret Lover... (L'Inconnu) It was truly a great experience! I know, you will say: "Martin, we can't recognize you with the blurred face

La galère

The Chauffeur I had fun being the Rolls Royce chauffeur for Anne Casabonne (as her character Claude) during this episode! I felt privileged being


Michael I was playing the part of Michael, a laidback, egocentric, self-absorbed marketing manager who did everything over at the marketing firm Kapout... Everything except

Let’s Work Together

Let’s talk

About Me

Whether it be for a role in a short film, a film, a corporate video, a commercial ad, a web capsule, a student project, kino or other, do not hesitate to join me, I am a versatile actor and I am open to all kinds of projects allowing artistic expression.

Past projects

Why I…