Canal 13

CANAL 13 Un jeune auteur apprend une terrible nouvelle à son sujet par l'entremise du Canal 13. Super tournage, très heureux d'avoir fait partie d'une équipe de gens passionnés, même lorsqu'il s'agissait de tourner à l'extérieur au froid et avec de la neige (et des chiens qui aboyaient dans le voisinage). Ce

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Pierre Roy & Associés

Campagne publicitaire 2023 pour Pierre Roy & Associés Capsules publicitaires réalisées par l'équipe Les Remarqués, Maison créative à Montréal. Je suis très heureux d'avoir fait partie de ce beau projet! Deux journées de tournage bien remplies avec une équipe stimulante et professionnelle avec Joël Côté Bergevin, Dominik Mastrianni, Jonathan Roy, Émilie Sauvage

Pierre Roy & Associés2023-03-16T15:10:22-04:00

Untrodden, Season 2

Eugene Vasiliev I was very fortunate to be part of this great project by Metal Source Studios. A lot of action, stunts, crazy shooting locations, tons of fun! Playing the part of Eugene Vasiliev a bad guy that might end up becoming an important part of future series, who knows... ;)

Untrodden, Season 22022-07-03T14:00:07-04:00

Système 15

IPEX Système-15 corporate video Produced by Bureau+ Video for the benefit of SPARKS Marketing Communications, this corporate video was filmed at THE MPL in Toronto. The video capsule in French describes the System-15 Drain Waste Vent PVC system manufactured by IPEX. The video capsule

Système 152022-01-26T13:22:51-05:00


BOKS kids trainer Directed by Taylor Prestidge, film producer (Upper Canada Films), we worked at producing 25 video capsules over the course of three very active days. It was a very fun set and I am truly grateful to take part in this project. The video capsules are available to be viewed


La Mélancolite

The nudist Working on set with Bruno Blanchet and all the other great actors that were part of the cast was an amazing experience. Bruno Blanchet receives a call from his friend Guy Jodoin. This one doesn't feel well; he is suffering from melancholitis.

La Mélancolite2022-07-03T14:05:35-04:00

La galère

The Chauffeur I had fun being the Rolls Royce chauffeur for Anne Casabonne (as her character Claude) during this episode! I felt privileged being on set with this amazing crew...  Everybody was professional and hard at work. And being directed by Sophie Lorain even if only for a few minutes was an

La galère2021-10-22T15:41:02-04:00

Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island (L'île des défis extrêmes) I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to lend my voice to a short audio clip from episode 14 of the French Canadian dubbed version of the very popular  cartoon Total Drama Island. The full episode can currently be watched at the following YouTube address:

Total Drama Island2021-04-05T03:09:41-04:00

Tout sur Moi

The Secret Lover... (L'Inconnu) It was truly a great experience! I know, you will say: "Martin, we can't recognize you with the blurred face and the changed voice..."  Yeah, I know! The part I played was to be a double for the actual actor (Claude Legault) which my character represents and whom

Tout sur Moi2021-04-05T20:13:46-04:00

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I began acting at the age of 25. I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist and love to express art in an array of manners. I am passionate about acting and love to delve into a character.

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