The Road Ahead

(Where do we go from here?)

DMOFF review and laurels for The Road Ahead short-film
The Road Ahead (Where do we go from here) Movie Poster

I initially wrote and produced The Road Ahead in order to participate in the 2021 Mini Movie Fest on the website. The rules were simple. We had to mention the line “Where do we go from here?” somewhere within the movie, and it had to be 5 minutes or less.

Our movie has won “Best Short Film Critics Award” at the “Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF)” (Canton, MI, USA), has been selected as a finalist at the “Only The Best Film Awards” (Miami, FL, USA), has been selected as semi-finalist at the “Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival” (Moscow, Russian Federation), has been awared the “Honorable Mention” in the Best Short-Film category at the “Golden Sparrow International Film Festival” (Sirkali, India) and at the “International Smyrna Movie Festival” (Izmir, Turkey). It has been featured in the 2021 Mini Movie Fest, has been selected for a Lift-Off Online Sessions feature and has been selected to be featured during The Tylerman Film Festival in Wheaton, Illinois (USA) on August 28th, 2021. Where do we go from here?

This contest inspired me to write this short-film that was meant to illustrate how harsh and unsettling the pandemic has been in our normal day-to-day lives. I had an idea of the metaphor I wanted to make… I had a vision from the start, but had to do it under five minutes so that I could submit this short-film. Until I started editing this movie, I had never really realized how short five minutes really are… Hence…

The Extended Version will be available soon…

That is why, in the upcoming weeks, I will do my best to do justice to all the nice scenes that were shot during this project and make an “extended version” of this story. Stay tuned and visit this webpage once in a while to find out when I post it… 😉 Or also… You can visit my YouTube channel and hit the Subscribe button… This way, you will eventually see the extended version of this movie in your YouTube thread…

Thanks for taking the time to watch my movie, I sincerely hope you found it entertaining.

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